“I am writing to let you know how the Prima Bathing System has helped my staff and the salons pocket book. I have been grooming for 22 years and am very “old school” so purchasing the machine I was skeptical, but am so glad I did. It has cut my shampoo consumption down by a 1\3 and is so simple to prepare a new bucket for daily use. My staff has found it much easier on their bodies especially for the big hairy guys! It is much quicker and sprays the shampoo right down to the skin. We use it on all of the dogs from little toy poodle to St Bernards. We had a small problem with the nozzle I phoned the company and they replaced it within the week. I recommend this unit to any groomer who is interested in saving some money and their bodies!! I invite any skeptics to give me a call if they have questions.”

Lorna Philips, It’s a Dogs Life Pet Spa, Saskatoon, SK Canada


“I bought my Prima in 2009. My only regret is not having done so sooner! My first system was a Hydro Surge and I used it for 4 years or so. While it showed me the benefits of a bathing system, I still wasn’t happy with the amount of water we used and it was too easy for shampoo to be wasted if the bather wasn’t careful in how strong it was set. I’d heard about the Prima, but having just bought the HS, wasn’t in the market for another system. I wasn’t happy that it was electrical and had worries about that so near the tub. My sister really recommended the Prima, just raved about it really, so I got one.

There’s a small curve getting used to it....less than the other systems though. My bathers catch on to it really quickly. I’m using so much less shampoo and the dogs are cleaner. I didn’t believe it at first either, but we’re using .5 oz(1/2 oz) of 16:1, shampoo per gallon of water...! It wont make sense that shampoo will work at that dilution until you try it for yourself, but it does. It used to be that bathing was the most time consuming part of the process. No more. With conventional bathing, you wet the dog, lather, rinse, repeat and sometimes, repeat again. When you use the Prima, you don’t pre wet the coat, you just start bathing with the diluted solution going over the dog once, rinse and your done...really! The dogs are less stressed because they’re just not in the tub as long. They dry faster because they’re cleaner and that means they finish nicer too.

I’ve been grooming for 30 yrs, have had my shop for 22. I HIGHLY recommend the Prima. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made for my shop. I couldn’t groom as much as I do, with out the Prima. It’s like an assistant that never goes on vacation! I love my Prima!”

Mary Dowell, Linda’s Pet Grooming, San Antonio TX


“I have been grooming for almost 21 years now. I am an old school groomer and so I had a hard time coming around to doing things different than I have always done. I had tried other bathing systems in a few shops but in the end, I always come back to mixing my own shampoo and bathing by hand via plastic mixing bottles. I heard some reviews of the Prima Bathing System, from some close friends and decided I wanted to try it. OMG how did I live without this system? The time + the shampoo I was able to save are incredible. I was so happy!! Now I don’t mind bathing the big hairys I get on a daily basis. The dogs are so clean and I know pressure spraying shampoo into the coat down to the skin is cleaning them better than pouring the shampoo right on top of the coat and having it run off. I would recommend this system to anyone in the business of Pet Grooming. It really does make daily grooming life so so much easier.”

Jennifer Schaffer, Best Paw Forward, Grand Junction, CO


“I have been using my Prima Bathing System for nine years this month. In over 40 years of grooming it is the best thing I’ve ever done for profitability and it gives me the cleanest dogs and cats of my career. I was skeptical about buying this machine, but I got over it and so should you. I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

Sheila Westerman, Park Place Grooming, Port Townsend, WA


“Hi I would like to thank you so very much for calling me at Pet Inn back in 2004. I know I said NO when you first called me about Prima Bathing System, as I had been grooming dogs for the last 25 years, I was just so sure we got the dogs extra clean our way. I was so wrong. When it arrived it was so simple to set up. We just pulled it out of the box, plugged it in and filled it with water and a very little amount of shampoo and we were ready to go. We use so little water as there is no pre wetting the dog first. Just start washing gets the dogs deep down clean. It separates the long hairs and get them extra clean. It saves my wrist from all the scrubbing and the dogs love it too. I know it seems like a lot of money. It did to me at first too, but the money you save in water, shampoo, and the TIME it saves you, really makes it all worth the price. I have had 8 years of maintenance free easy to use shampooer for my bathing. Thank you so much!”

Terry Kenny, Pet Inn, Methusen, MA


“I opened ‘Divine Dogs’ in 2011. I purchased lots of ‘stuff’ as I was not sure what would prove valuable and what would not. The Prima Bathing System has been my most valuable investment. I was skeptical that I could get a dog clean, clean, clean using so little shampoo and water. The results have been amazing. I groom many big dogs and it is wonderful to see them so clean with minimal effort. 

Prima is not afraid of your asking questions. Their 800 number is printed right on the equipment and I’ve called it several times and ALWAYS gotten a live person. Their customer service always exceeds my expectations.

If this bathing system broke today, without hesitation I would order a new one tomorrow. Prima has saved me time and money and given me happy clients. Thank you.”

Cori McNerney, Divine Dogs, Newtown, CT


“I have been grooming for forty years and I have owned several very successful grooming salons up and down the coast of California. One of my biggest expenses and concerns was always the cost of shampoo as well as how often I had to order more. It seemed I was always running out. I wanted the dogs clean but how could I get my bathers to get the dogs really clean with proper dilution and without pouring most of the shampoo down the drain in the process. I used to mix up diluted gallons the night before in a feeble attempt to stop the waste. That didn’t work however, since the bathers would go through it so fast and have to stop to fill more in between dogs. We tried sponging it on or putting it in dish soap dispensers. Once I even tried one of those garden pest sprayers but nothing seemed to be a good solution. I was resigned to the fact that shampoo costs would always be my biggest expense as well as my biggest waste.

Then I was introduced to the Prima Bathing System. I was very skeptical but sort of curious. Could this system really improve the quality of work I offered at my grooming salon? Will it really save me money? There was only one way to find out so I agreed to try it.

The system was very easy to set up and get started so it didn’t take long for me to discover the benefits of this simple bathing system. The amount of shampoo used to make up the 14 gallons was an incredibly small amount compared to what I was used to. It was now so easy to apply the shampoo to the dogs as well. Very quickly I could penetrate the coat thoroughly with a wonderful lather. I was honestly impressed! It was really easy to get my bathers to no longer waste shampoo and bathe dogs without missing those hard to reach spots. I was sold!

I bought the Prima Bathing System and never looked back. I don’t know how I ever got along without it. It is a quality product and the company stands behind it. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend it to EVERYONE.”

Lisa Cole, The Ultimutt Pet Spa, Ojai, CA


“I am an owner/operator of 3 very busy and successful grooming shops for over 10 years in Las Vegas, NV. I attribute a great portion of my success to many factors, specifically the level of efficiency at which my shops operate. Much of that efficiency is related to overhead costs, especially in regard to shampoo and conditioner costs that are incurred each month. The significant costs directly related to my shops all utilizing the Prima bathing machines are a tremendous savings each month. We are a high volume company and groom about 30-40 dogs a day 7 days a week, so we use a lot of shampoo. The Prima machines are worth their weight in gold and have paid for themselves 10 times over by eliminating wasted shampoo products... Not to mention the fact that we have used these machines for approx. 10 years in all 3 shops and have an outstanding reputation for having the CLEANEST DOGS IN TOWN!!!!! These machines are very durable and built tough and withstand a lot of abuse in my shops. When there has been a need for an occasional repair(which happens rarely) our staff is lost and very upset for the time that they are being repaired and not in our possession. It takes more time and effort to thoroughly clean the animals and absolutely effects productivity in a negative way. Fortunately, the company quickly sends out a loaner for only the cost of shipping to rescue us from our despair. In no time at all we are up and running again. I cannot say enough about the greatest bathing machines on the market, and would recommend them 100 % to any shop, no matter how busy or slow they might be. If a shop is slower than desired, I assure you that this system will help profits climb in no time at all. I don’t know how I ever survived without them. And by the way, I was not easy to convince that I needed such a system, initially. After I tried it, the machine sold itself. Get one in your shop immediately.”

Scott Yannazzo