“I have tried every other bathing system on the market and nothing compares to the Prima Bathing System. This system has  allowed me to spend less time bathing and more time grooming. INCREDIBLE SYSTEM!”

Jay Scruggs, Groomer of the year 2002, American Groomer of the Year 2001


“We bought the Prima Bathing System in 2005 and since then have noticed that it not only saves us time and money but gets the dogs squeaky clean with less effort. Since switching to the Prima Bathing System, it has already helped pay for itself with the drastic reduction of my monthly water bill. I also end using less shampoo and conditioner as the dilution ratio and pressurized nozzle are optimized for maximum cleaning. Because of this my bathers are able to work on more dogs in a shorter amount of time without tiring as fast. This efficiency has brought an increase in revenue as I am able to book more dogs each day. Clients also love how their dogs go home feeling super clean and great smelling whenever their dogs leave after a spa day with us. One of my bathers has tried other competitors’ bathing systems and found that she still had to supplement with bottle washing as those systems did not thoroughly clean dogs. With the Prima Bathing System however, bottle washing is not necessary.”

Tiffaney Taverner, ICMG CCS, Barks n’ Bubbles Pet Spa, Winnipeg, MB Canada


“The PRIMA Bathing System is a welcome leap forward for the industry and surpasses anything I have tried in over 40 years in the business. Kennel owners, vet hospitals and groom shop owners in particular will find it solves many problems. Prima is a simple, rugged machine, that can be installed in minutes. Whatever your current set up, Prima is going to improve it! The savings in time, water and product means the investment will be paid back within weeks, not months!”

Endorsed by Val Penstone, Director of grooming for Best Friends Pet Resorts & Spas, a nationwide chain of boarding and grooming centers


“I bought my Prima Bathing System 10 years ago because it was the first bathing system I’d seen that made sense. The Prima Bathing System isn’t a recycling system and is absolutely easy to use, just plug it in, add water and a little shampoo and that’s it. I plugged my machine in 10 years ago and NEVER had to think about it again.

I have a small, busy grooming shop in NY state, and we calculate that we’ve done over 39,000 baths in 10 years that we’ve used the Prima Bathing System without ever having to do anything to the machine besides routine cleaning. Any serious groomer knows how hard we use equipment and how often we replace clippers, dryers, etc. The Prima Bathing System has been 100% reliable without one repair or replacement of any parts, and that includes hoses and nozzles. The secret of this product is its simplicity and its durable construction.

My Prima Bathing System allows us to bathe more dogs, faster, and gets them cleaner and it helps to keep the bathing area drier, therefore safer. The final point I’d like to make is the amount of money I save on shampoo, as none is wasted and the dilution ratio is amazing. I would highly recommend that every groomer or veterinarian get this time and money saving machine.”

Greg Owens, Owner, Greg’s Grooming, Albany, NY


“I bought my Prima in 2009. My only regret is not having done so sooner! My first system was a Hydro Surge and I used it for 4 years or so. While it showed me the benefits of a bathing system, I still wasn’t happy with the amount of water we used and it was too easy for shampoo to be wasted if the bather wasn’t careful in how strong it was set. I’d heard about the Prima, but having just bought the HS, wasn’t in the market for another system. I wasn’t happy that it was electrical and had worries about that so near the tub. My sister really recommended the Prima, just raved about it really, so I got one.

There’s a small curve getting used to it....less than the other systems though. My bathers catch on to it really quickly. I’m using so much less shampoo and the dogs are cleaner. I didn’t believe it at first either, but we’re using .5 oz(1/2 oz) of 16:1, shampoo per gallon of water...! It wont make sense that shampoo will work at that dilution until you try it for yourself, but it does. It used to be that bathing was the most time consuming part of the process. No more. With conventional bathing, you wet the dog, lather, rinse, repeat and sometimes, repeat again. When you use the Prima, you don’t pre wet the coat, you just start bathing with the diluted solution going over the dog once, rinse and your done...really! The dogs are less stressed because they’re just not in the tub as long. They dry faster because they’re cleaner and that means they finish nicer too.

I’ve been grooming for 30 yrs, have had my shop for 22. I HIGHLY recommend the Prima. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made for my shop. I couldn’t groom as much as I do, with out the Prima. It’s like an assistant that never goes on vacation! I love my Prima!”

Mary Dowell, Linda’s Pet Grooming, San Antonio TX


“I have been grooming for almost 21 years now. I am an old school groomer and so I had a hard time coming around to doing things different than I have always done. I had tried other bathing systems in a few shops but in the end, I always come back to mixing my own shampoo and bathing by hand via plastic mixing bottles. I heard some reviews of the Prima Bathing System, from some close friends and decided I wanted to try it. OMG how did I live without this system? The time + the shampoo I was able to save are incredible. I was so happy!! Now I don’t mind bathing the big hairys I get on a daily basis. The dogs are so clean and I know pressure spraying shampoo into the coat down to the skin is cleaning them better than pouring the shampoo right on top of the coat and having it run off. I would recommend this system to anyone in the business of Pet Grooming. It really does make daily grooming life so so much easier.”

Jennifer Schaffer, Best Paw Forward, Grand Junction, CO


“As you know, I placed my order for yet another Prima Bathing system just the other day. My name is Carrie Todd and I have owned three dog grooming shops in the Denver-metro area over the past 10 years. In addition to owning shops, I have worked in several dog grooming salons between my times of ownership. The salons that I bought were already operational and had existing bathing systems and all the shops that I worked in had bathing systems - none of which were the Prima. Needless to say, I have used many bathing systems. I learned of the Prima Bathing system in about 2002 and decided to try it in one of my shops. All of my employees loved it as well as myself. I purchased three more Prima Bathing systems at that time and used it exclusively over the years. I will say that from my experience, the Prima Bathing system is simple, quick and easy to use. Refilling it with shampoo is fast and easy and the mixture and consistency is always perfect. It saves a ton of shampoo and water and there never were operational issues that would disrupt a busy dog grooming day that I experienced with other bathing systems. I just bought another dog grooming shop and my choice of a bathing system was a no-brainer; I googled Prima Bathing and ordered one right away!

Thanks Prima for a good product!

P.S. My bathers thank you too”

Carrie Todd, The Barker Shop, Wheat Ridge, CO


“The system saved my hands YET AGAIN. I got called out to groom three HUGE collies at one house. They had never been groomed and live outside. Need I say more; filthy, filthy dogs wearing heavy half pelted coats. The prima got thru all that hair and under those mats. You know how nasty collies get under the tail, I couldn’t even FIND their skin but I was able to wash right thru all that mess. (Lordy if I had to do them by hand I would be a cripple this morning) and my knuckles are NOT swollen this morning at all. After the three collies (took me 4 hours – 1 was a shave down, one was a modified clip and coat king work, and the male was a good brush/coat king work) I then went on to do a nasty chow, then a small short hair 2 week old, and then a 5 week old schnauzer puppy. And I still had mix left in the tank. And I only used about 1/4 of the water in my main water tank, so I know the rinsing part is now much faster too. Again, why anyone would use a recycling system is beyond me, especially if mobile. I just don’t like spraying dirty water back on the dog...its gross. And I would spend more time rinsing because I felt the dog was still dirty and then I would hand wash again anyway. BIG WASTE of time, water and shampoo.”

Virginia Alan, Dog Groomer


“Hi there, yes I am mobile and I have my Prima system set up in my trailer and it works great. I just love it! I add very hot water in the morning and it stays warm throughout the whole day. If it gets too cool, I can always add a little warm water off my hot water tank to warm it up. I don’t understand WHY anyone would want to use a recycling type system (and I have used one) and all it did was blast dirty water back on the dog! I did really DIRTY dogs and that just wasn’t going to work for me. You get tons of pressure with the Prima and this is really helpful if mobile and it pulls very little amps (only 1.5)”

Madison Schlemper, Dog Groomer


“I want to drop you a note and mention that I have had my bathing system for five years now and use it on every dog and cat we bathe. I didn’t realize how valuable a tool the Prima Bathing System was until I was without it for 5 days when I had to wash large dogs all by hand mixing my shampoo in one and two gallon containers then hand pouring the solution over the dog. I first noticed all the shampoo being wasted going down the drain–NOT ON THE DOG–then I realized that I couldn’t properly and evenly apply shampoo underneath the dog and finally I had to scrub the dog and work in all the shampoo wasting 30 minutes of my time. After all this I had to rinse the shampoo off and then apply the conditioners and dematting solutions or deshedding solutions I was using. The point I’m getting to is that the Prima Bathing System eliminates all the above problems and is the most cost effective time saving device on the market today and after five years of ownership I have no regrets for purchasing your product. I am sending this memo to you to thank you for producing such a wonderful product for the grooming industry and hope everyone enjoys the same experience and cost savings that I have encountered over the years. Thank you for your continued service and quality products to our industry.”

Michael A. Graves, Barks and Meows