Prima Manufacturing, Inc. warrants the Prima Bathing System to be free from material and workmanship defects (under normal use and service) for a period of one year from the date of manufacture.

The limited warranty will not apply to systems that were improperly installed, misapplied or incompatible with components not manufactured by Prima Manufacturing, Inc. System failure due to foreign debris is not covered under the terms of this limited warranty. All returns are to be shipped with charges prepaid. Package all returns carefully. Prima Manufacturing, Inc. will not be responsible for freight damage incurred during shipping.

To obtain warranty, the purchaser must complete and return the Warranty Registration Card shipped with the product. Alleged defects must be reported to the manufacturer within the one-year warranty period, and must be verified by the manufacturer. Before an item can be returned to Prima Manufacturing, Inc. for warranty consideration, prior approval must be received from our service department. Call 1-866-889-0877 for information. Prima Manufacturing, Inc. will, at our option, repair or replace any part covered by this warranty which is defective, malfunctions, or otherwise fails under normal use during the term of this warranty. This warranty does not cover:

• Defects or malfunctions resulting from: accidents, abuse, modifications, alterations, misuse, and improper installation and/or servicing.

• Freeze damage or chemical deterioration.

• Unit altered to operate per specifications other than those of manufacturer.

• Normal maintenance services such as: adjustments or cleaning.

• Replacement of normal maintenance items such as: o-rings, couplers, filters, nozzles, and wear parts in pump.

• Field labor charges in connection with adjustments, disassembly, or reassembly.

• Transportation charges incurred in the replacement or repair of defective parts.

Prima Manufacturing, Inc. obligation under this warranty policy is limited to the repair or replacement of the Prima Bathing System. Systems found not defective (under the terms of this warranty) are subject to charges to be paid by the returnee for the testing and packaging of the unit.

Prima Manufacturing, Inc. does not authorize any other party to make any representation or promise on behalf of Falkenberg, Inc., or to modify the terms, conditions, or limitations of this warranty in any way. Prima Manufacturing, Inc. will not be responsible for any other expenses, losses or inconvenience which the purchaser may sustain as a result of the purchase, use, malfunction or defective condition of our products. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and of any other obligations or liability of Prima Manufacturing, Inc.. Warranted products must be returned to the manufacturer for inspection. If the defective part is covered under warranty, a credit memo will be issued. Falkenberg, Inc. will only accept prepaid shipments.


– Read Operator’s Guide before operating your Prima system. 
– Read and understand soap or chemical labels before using. 
– Observe all cautions. 
– Inspect hoses and connections before using. 
– Do not operate sprayer if there are leaks in the hose or parts. 
– Temperature of spraying solution must not exceed 130F. 
– Protect the hose from sharp objects.
– Do not use sprayer if hose is damaged. 
– Do not spray near electrical components of the Prima or near open switches and fixtures on buildings or other equipment.