“The PRIMA Bathing System is a welcome leap forward for the industry and surpasses anything I have tried in over 40 years in the business. Kennel owners, vet hospitals and groom shop owners in particular will find it solves many problems.

Prima is a simple, rugged machine, that can be installed in minutes. Whatever your current set up, Prima is going to improve it! The savings in time, water and product means the investment will be paid back within weeks, not months!”

Endorsed by Val Penstone, Director of Grooming for Best Friends Pet Resorts & Spas, a nationwide chain of boarding and grooming centers


“As you know, I placed my order for yet another Prima Bathing system just the other day. My name is Carrie Todd and I have owned three dog grooming shops in the Denver-metro area over the past 10 years. In addition to owning shops, I have worked in several dog grooming salons between my times of ownership. The salons that I bought were already operational and had existing bathing systems and all the shops that I worked in had bathing systems - none of which were the Prima. Needless to say, I have used many bathing systems. I learned of the Prima Bathing system in about 2002 and decided to try it in one of my shops. All of my employees loved it as well as myself. I purchased three more Prima Bathing systems at that time and used it exclusively over the years. I will say that from my experience, the Prima Bathing system is simple, quick and easy to use. Refilling it with shampoo is fast and easy and the mixture and consistency is always perfect. It saves a ton of shampoo and water and there never were operational issues that would disrupt a busy dog grooming day that I experienced with other bathing systems. I just bought another dog grooming shop and my choice of a bathing system was a no-brainer; I googled Prima Bathing and ordered one right away!

Thanks Prima for a good product! My bathers thank you too”

Carrie Todd, The Barker Shop, Wheat Ridge, CO


“I am an owner/operator of 3 very busy and successful grooming shops for over 10 years in Las Vegas, NV. I attribute a great portion of my success to many factors, specifically the level of efficiency at which my shops operate. Much of that efficiency is related to overhead costs, especially in regard to shampoo and conditioner costs that are incurred each month. The significant costs directly related to my shops all utilizing the Prima bathing machines are a tremendous savings each month. We are a high volume company and groom about 30-40 dogs a day 7 days a week, so we use a lot of shampoo. The Prima machines are worth their weight in gold and have paid for themselves 10 times over by eliminating wasted shampoo products... Not to mention the fact that we have used these machines for approx. 10 years in all 3 shops and have an outstanding reputation for having the CLEANEST DOGS IN TOWN!!!!! These machines are very durable and built tough and withstand a lot of abuse in my shops. When there has been a need for an occasional repair(which happens rarely) our staff is lost and very upset for the time that they are being repaired and not in our possession. It takes more time and effort to thoroughly clean the animals and absolutely effects productivity in a negative way. Fortunately, the company quickly sends out a loaner for only the cost of shipping to rescue us from our despair. In no time at all we are up and running again. I cannot say enough about the greatest bathing machines on the market, and would recommend them 100 % to any shop, no matter how busy or slow they might be. If a shop is slower than desired, I assure you that this system will help profits climb in no time at all. I don’t know how I ever survived without them. And by the way, I was not easy to convince that I needed such a system, initially. After I tried it, the machine sold itself. Get one in your shop immediately.”

Scott Yannazzo