"The Prima Encore is a perfect addition to any grooming salon. As a mobile groomer, it saves me time, shampoo and most importantly  water! This system really penetrates through coats and leaves them squeaky clean! It is quite amazing!”

Jodi Murphy, Two-time Master Pet Stylist & National Certified Master Groomer


“The system saved my hands YET AGAIN. I got called out to groom three HUGE collies at one house. They had never been groomed and live outside. Need I say more; filthy, filthy dogs wearing heavy half pelted coats. The prima got thru all that hair and under those mats. You know how nasty collies get under the tail, I couldn’t even FIND their skin but I was able to wash right thru all that mess. (Lordy if I had to do them by hand I would be a cripple this morning) and my knuckles are NOT swollen this morning at all. After the three collies (took me 4 hours – 1 was a shave down, one was a modified clip and coat king work, and the male was a good brush/coat king work) I then went on to do a nasty chow, then a small short hair 2 week old, and then a 5 week old schnauzer puppy. And I still had mix left in the tank. And I only used about 1/4 of the water in my main water tank, so I know the rinsing part is now much faster too. Again, why anyone would use a recycling system is beyond me, especially if mobile. I just don’t like spraying dirty water back on the dog...its gross. And I would spend more time rinsing because I felt the dog was still dirty and then I would hand wash again anyway. BIG WASTE of time, water and shampoo.”

Virginia Alan, Dog Groomer


“Hi there, yes I am mobile and I have my Prima system set up in my trailer and it works great. I just love it! I add very hot water in the morning and it stays warm throughout the whole day. If it gets too cool, I can always add a little warm water off my hot water tank to warm it up. I don’t understand WHY anyone would want to use a recycling type system (and I have used one) and all it did was blast dirty water back on the dog! I did really DIRTY dogs and that just wasn’t going to work for me. You get tons of pressure with the Prima and this is really helpful if mobile and it pulls very little amps (only 1.5).”

Madison Schlemper, Dog Groomer