“I have had this system now for about three years and I don’t know how I did with out it. Firstly, the bathing process is much faster and the dogs, I believe, are much cleaner because the system really penetrates the coats. And the biggest plus is the fact that you can use much less shampoo and still get great results. I am so glad that I made this purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking to save both money and time.”

Brenda Williamson, Pet Stylist, Owner/Operator, Springbrook Kennels Pet Resort & Spa, Spring Brook Township, PA


“I would like to complement your company on the development of this machine. It has been extremely effective in dramatically lowering our costs and has made life easier and our employees happier. Operating a kennel since 1973 with a capacity to board more than 100 dogs we have hadays when we have had more than 40 baths. NOBODY looked forward to bathing that many dogs as it was a time consuming, difficult and unpleasant task.

The use of your machine has lessened the amount of the shampoo necessary, and at $40.00 per gallon, that represented a considerable savings. The machine also makes bathing far more efficient and effective while lowering the effort necessary to get the dogs bathed properly. But the most dramatic savings came in the time we have saved. We get a better job done with approximately a 75% savings in time. This allowed me to reduce my staff requirements by one employee, thus the cost of the machine was saved within the first six months of its purchase and we have realized a tremendous savings in labor costs since that time.

We have recommended your system to others and would gladly do so to anyone who would like to contact us for a referral.”

Don Sterling, Quail Run Kennel, Medford, NY


“Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate our Prima Bathing System at our grooming and boarding facility. We have reduced the time it takes to bathe our dogs by at least half, and they are much cleaner than before the System. We also are using much less shampoo and our supplier is scratching his head wondering what happened to us! (We’ll never tell)! I talk to everyone how their animal receives a much better groom with the “Prima Massage”. Thank You so much for an innovative product that makes our jobs a pleasure instead of a chore.”

Rondi Lovstrom, Howllywood Pet Grooming and Boarding, Gig Harbor, WA