“All smart Grooming Salon owners who want to make money get a Prima because it saves time, saves money and releases stress for the dogs. Get a Prima you won’t regret it.”

Kaoru Nakajima, KM Dog Grooming, Chula Vista, CA


“I am the owner of a dog grooming business and also the proud owner of the Prima Bathing System for 5 years.  One might wonder why a groomer would need this equipment for shampooing a dog.  You would go through gallons and gallons of shampoo and time has to be considered too. With a system like this, a groomer can get more dogs done in a shorter amount of time but for me mostly, it’s the efficiency and effectiveness that matters most.  Also, I use a shampoo that dilutes 50:1 and it’s made for bathing systems.  I learned about this system when I was getting certified at dog grooming school.  After using it a few times, I realized that it was going to be necessary for my salon so I bought one and not once have I regretted it.  If this died, I wouldn’t hesitate for one minute to get it repaired or buy a new one. 

I groom many large dogs from golden retrievers to Samoyeds and Old English Sheepdogs.  This is where the system really makes life easier.  Some dogs are double and triple coated or have long thick fur.  The Prima is like a power washer for dogs.  It gets right down to the skin.  To do this manually, not only would you go through tons of shampoo but the manual labor adds a lot of extra time and strain on your body.  Honestly, I could not live without it.  If anything goes ‘burp’, I call Gary Falkenburg and he immediately addresses the issue.  He never puts me off, he knows what the problem is and if not, he works me through what to do so the problem can be taken care of.  He even sent me a loaner in the past to get me through an upcoming difficult day of bathing huge dogs.  I know there are a few other bathing systems out there but my experience with Gary and the Prima has been so positive that there is no way I’d try another. 

 The Prima requires very little upkeep to maintain good working order.  Just run clean water through the system at the end of every day and every few weeks, run vinegar and water on the inside of the pump and the interior of the machine.  That’s it, very easy and quick.  If you have a problem, it can be as simple as air in the line which you can remove by running the auxiliary or just getting the filter back on properly.  It’s worth every penny and then some. 

Feel free to call me if you want to discuss the benefits of the Prima any further.  I’m not selling anything, I am just a happy consumer of this fabulous product and I use it daily with appreciation.  You can get my number from Gary if you wish to call me.”

Melinda Brown, Heavenly Critters Pet Nanny, Portland, OR


“I bought my Prima in 2009. My only regret is not having done so sooner! My first system was a Hydro Surge and I used it for 4 years or so. While it showed me the benefits of a bathing system, I still wasn’t happy with the amount of water we used and it was too easy for shampoo to be wasted if the bather wasn’t careful in how strong it was set. I’d heard about the Prima, but having just bought the HS, wasn’t in the market for another system. I wasn’t happy that it was electrical and had worries about that so near the tub. My sister really recommended the Prima, just raved about it really, so I got one.

There’s a small curve getting used to it....less than the other systems though. My bathers catch on to it really quickly. I’m using so much less shampoo and the dogs are cleaner. I didn’t believe it at first either, but we’re using .5 oz(1/2 oz) of 16:1, shampoo per gallon of water...! It wont make sense that shampoo will work at that dilution until you try it for yourself, but it does. It used to be that bathing was the most time consuming part of the process. No more. With conventional bathing, you wet the dog, lather, rinse, repeat and sometimes, repeat again. When you use the Prima, you don’t pre wet the coat, you just start bathing with the diluted solution going over the dog once, rinse and your done...really! The dogs are less stressed because they’re just not in the tub as long. They dry faster because they’re cleaner and that means they finish nicer too.

I’ve been grooming for 30 yrs, have had my shop for 22. I HIGHLY recommend the Prima. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made for my shop. I couldn’t groom as much as I do, with out the Prima. It’s like an assistant that never goes on vacation! I love my Prima!”

Mary Dowell, Linda’s Pet Grooming, San Antonio TX


“I have been grooming for almost 21 years now. I am an old school groomer and so I had a hard time coming around to doing things different than I have always done. I had tried other bathing systems in a few shops but in the end, I always come back to mixing my own shampoo and bathing by hand via plastic mixing bottles. I heard some reviews of the Prima Bathing System, from some close friends and decided I wanted to try it. OMG how did I live without this system? The time + the shampoo I was able to save are incredible. I was so happy!! Now I don’t mind bathing the big hairys I get on a daily basis. The dogs are so clean and I know pressure spraying shampoo into the coat down to the skin is cleaning them better than pouring the shampoo right on top of the coat and having it run off. I would recommend this system to anyone in the business of Pet Grooming. It really does make daily grooming life so so much easier.”

Jennifer Schaffer, Best Paw Forward, Grand Junction, CO


“Hi I would like to thank you so very much for calling me at Pet Inn back in 2004. I know I said NO when you first called me about Prima Bathing System, as I had been grooming dogs for the last 25 years, I was just so sure we got the dogs extra clean our way. I was so wrong. When it arrived it was so simple to set up. We just pulled it out of the box, plugged it in and filled it with water and a very little amount of shampoo and we were ready to go. We use so little water as there is no pre wetting the dog first. Just start washing gets the dogs deep down clean. It separates the long hairs and get them extra clean. It saves my wrist from all the scrubbing and the dogs love it too. I know it seems like a lot of money. It did to me at first too, but the money you save in water, shampoo, and the TIME it saves you, really makes it all worth the price. I have had 8 years of maintenance free easy to use shampooer for my bathing. Thank you so much!”

Terry Kenny, Pet Inn, Methusen, MA


“Well, we had the ultimate test for the Prima today. We have a regular, Max, a GSD/wolf mix, who comes in every week for a bath. He is 2 years old, and has been a client of ours since he was 8 weeks old. At 8 weeks old he already had an AT-TI-TUDE, if you know what I mean. Even though we’ve had the Prima for a couple of weeks now, today was the first time Max has been in since we got it, because last week he couldn’t keep his appointment due to a swollen face caused by a yellow-jacket sting. A little info on Max....he HATES a bath, and he is about 90 pounds of mostly teeth. He has bitten me, my husband, the owner’s husband and the owner’s grown son. The lady who owns him is disabled, and that dog absolutely adores her. He has had no professional training, but will help her move her walker, and will get her husband or son for her if she is lying down and unable to move. Ok, back to the subject of the Prima. My grooming table is an industrial lift table that lowers all the way to the floor. We drop it all the way down, have Max step on it, then raise it up some. I then put a muzzle on him and take off his leash. Hubby then picks him up kicking and screaming (Max, not hubby) and puts him in the tub. Max usually fights Roger thru the entire bath because he just hates it so much. Today, as soon as the spray from the Prima hit him, he just sat right down and stayed perfectly still. He loved it! He was absolutely calm for the entire bath. I guess it must have felt really refreshing and relaxing to him....makes me want to try it! Seriously, he was a different dog. There just seems to be no end to the good things I can say about this machine. I’m going thru a pretty bad fibromyalgia attack right now, and I have considered filling the tank with just warm water and letting my husband use it on my neck and shoulders to try and help the muscles relax. If I decide to do this, I’ll let you all know how it goes.”

Deborah Jones, Dog Groomer


“I purchased the Prima Bathing System 9 years ago. This unit immediately cut our bathing time in half, even real thick coats are squeaky clean. We love it because we save precious time, its easy to use, pets are cleaner then clean and pets love it because it is fast and gentle. As long as we are grooming at the Pet Resort we will have a Prima.”

Carol Benesch-Ellis, Nowichtown Pet Resort & Spa