“I have tried every other bathing system on the market and nothing compares to the Prima Bathing System. This system has allowed me to spend less time bathing and more time grooming. INCREDIBLE SYSTEM!”

Jay Scruggs, Groomer of the Year 2002, American Groomer of the Year 2001


“The Prima Encore is a perfect addition to any grooming salon. As a mobile groomer, it saves me time, shampoo and most importantly water! This system really penetrates through coats and leaves them squeaky clean! It is quite amazing!”

Jodi Murphy, Two-time Master Pet Stylist & National Certified Master Groomer


“After using the PRIMA Bathing System I have found that it not only cleans my client’s pets to my high standards, but it also does it in record time. PRIMA’s clean looks and high-performance prove that combining great technical knowledge with sensitive design produces a product that is unsurpassed. In my opinion, PRIMA is the Rolls-Royce of bathing systems.”

Colin Taylor, Groom Olympics World Champion, London, England