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Summer Suds Sale, 20% off new systems!


Our systems use less shampoo and water, they also are ergonomically designed taking stress off your body!

Sudsy Subscriptions

Get a new Prima on a budget friendly plan, shipping and maintenance included!

The Original Prima

Our original workhorse, designed for the busy grooming salons needing a machine that can handle the load!

The Encore

The Encore is designed for the mobile groomer and home user who values the same cleaning power but needs to save space. Recommended for one pet per hour.

Pet Bathing Systems

:azy Dog on the Beach

Need some help?

Check with our tech by uploading a video. We will take a look and point you in the direction of a solution.

See it in Action

Amy Leigh, the Go Groomer puts it through it's paces and gives you a little walkthrough

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